Welcome to the Prokosch Family Website…

 So, you are probably thinking, why do they need a website?  We don’t.  Having grown up around computers and software, I have been very fascinated with technology and the internet.  In college, I was never able to get my blackjack program to work in computer class and decided, wisely to venture down a technology career path outside the programming and development world.  At some point I decided it was time again to build a website or two just to prove I could. Now 5-blogs and 4-websites later, I am still learning.


This site is the Prokosch Family Website, a place to experiment and test technology.  We have also included a few pages of interest to us.  Several of the included pages are focused on family ancestry, aviation, travel, and yes, even a few family photos.


Drop me a note if you have any thoughts on what is missing or if I broke something while playing!  Enjoy your visit…


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